No, this isn’t the District Board design.
It was my submission though (:

I spent six hours at the computer, hoping to create a design that would personify the district board and its message to take service to INFINIBEE AND BEEYOND. The honey combs represent each division that acts as a cell, each mending together for a great purpose. I highlighted the infinity symbol mocking wings to show how integral it was that we took our work beyond what was expected.

Unfortunately, I was too late. The due date was the seventeenth, but by 7pm (when I’d turned it in) they had already sent in a design by 1pm.

The chosen design is wonderful, I do not doubt it. My design integrates a lot of the chosen design since I had been inspired by it. I’ll wear it proudly as a member of the CNH District Board (:

But it’d be really great to see at least one of these shirts printed. I was thrilled when fellow board members liked the design - to see them wear it? I think I’ll burst out crying.

This experience has taught me to be on time or earlier with my submissions. Not to let life’s opportunities slip through my fingertips.
Hopefully, I’ll have second chances to come

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